Enjoy local beer in local bistros 饮酒好去处!济南那些安静的小酒馆

Follow us to get more surprise!Do you like beer or wine Do you want to try some local beers Do you want to hang out with you friends If you do, follow us to know some great bistros in Jinan.01
SkydivingTowerBistro跳伞塔酒馆This is a great place for hanging out with friends. There are seats inside and outside. When the weather is nice, it would be so comfortable to sit outside. Not like most bistros, this bistro here is quiet. When you upset, you might go to enjoy some quiet time, or you can talk with the cute waiters about your issue.P.S. Dogs are welcomed here.SkydivingTowerBistro
Address: Floor 3, Silver Plaza, 19288 Jingshi Lu, Jinan.Business Hour: 19:00-02:00Phone: 1306602868302
Wangyou Bistro忘忧酒馆This Bistro offers local Chinese wine and beers. All the wines or beer are not strong. It’ just perfect. The bistro is small, but the atmosphere is nice. There is also a singer in this bistro at night. Highly recommend Guihua Wine. You can smell a little bit Osmanthus in it. It’s very delicious.P.S. The waiters here are pretty and handsome.Wangyou Bistro
Address: 2F, Dong Jie, Wadajin Jie, Lixia District, JinanBusiness Hour: 16:00-02:00Phone: 1555000211603
Bugui Bistro不贵酒馆Do you want to try some especial beer You must go to this bistro. Like its name, the price is not expensive. But it has all kinds of imported beers from different countries. All beers or wines are not strong. Highly recommend! I forget to mention that there are no waiters here. Whatever you want to drink, you just grab one. And this bistro only offer beer, no food here.P.S. This is a Somke-free bistro.Bugui Bistro
Address: 195 Daminghu Lu, Lixia District, JinanBusiness Hour: 18:00-01:00Phone: 18615685020Photos: 大众点评
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